Flatrigid prints

Direct Imaging to Substrate.

From Point Of Purchase displays to grand-format applications, the uses for UV-curable prints onto rigid plastics are nearly endless. Rigid plastics are conformable yet strong enough to hold their own weight while UV-curable printing lets us print directly onto the substrate in large or short runs.



Given this flexibility, We utilize this high end technology to produce and design for indoor and outdoor applications. The outdoor durability of these prints is 3 to 5 years. These prints do not require lamination for external use. Identity Signs was one of the first companies nationally to invest in True Flat Bed Technology. We understand the Different Printing methods and acquire the best printers both true roll to roll and True Flatbeds Printing. We can handle any type of printing project you can dream of. We specialize in true end to end high-design graphic solutions.

The maximum size in one piece without any seam on a rigid or solid material is 120″ (up to 2″ thickness). The maximum size in one piece without any seam on a roll stock material (such as Vinyl–white or clear, and Banner material.

These Grand format Printers will print directly onto everything to including the  following — either opaque or translucent substrates up to 2″ thickness. 120” Wide by any Length, White Ink Capabilities, and Primers for Tricky Substrates.



  • PRINT DIRECTLY to virtually any rigid or flexible material, up to 72”x126″ and 2″ thick. Larger images can be tiled.
  • Eliminate costly mounting and lamination with our direct printing process.
  • Exceptional near photo quality graphics can be viewed from any distance. Text as small as 6 point is perfectly legible.
  • Implements unique technology for smoother color blends and a consistently higher degree of image and color accuracy.
  • Easily produce double-sided graphics with perfect registration.
  • Double-strike capabilities combined with UV inks provide the density needed for vibrant backlit graphics that low to mid end printers can’t match.
  • Our durable UV inks are fade and weather resistant and formulated for long-term indoor or outdoor use.

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