Flexible Signage always gets the point across whether it’s to announce a sale or a grand opening. Soft Signage can provide quick, cost-effective advertising.

A banner may be temporary, and suitable for outdoor or indoor use. Or, it may be of premium quality, designed to stand up to long-term outdoor use. Vinyl Banners are a low cost form of bringing in customers fast. A well designed  scheme with the correct sizing can offer effective a 24 hour 7 day a week form of advertising. Our highly personalized service will guarantee the perfect result every time on time.



Hanging your bannEr

Hanging your banner is all about perspective. Banners can hang in a variety of ways, letting you display the most effective expression of your company’s message and brand. Select a vertical or horizontal design that creates a unique visual impression. Ask us about our professional installation services or see our installation guideline page.


Hem & Grommet

We fold an inch of material over and stitch a double line of clear monofilament thread. This gives you a double thickness of material around the outside of the banner sign, which improves strength dramatically. We punch grommets through the double layer, giving you a sturdy  place on the vinyl banner to run a rope or, for instance, to put a ty-wrap on a fence. We stitch all banner standards. RF Welding and Adhesive tape hemming available upon request.


Pole Pockets

We hem the sides, and fold the top and bottom over to make a pocket you can slide a pole into. The pole can then be suspended with cord or rope. Typically pole pockets are for indoor vinyl banner use, and you can use them with the pole and drape system found in most trade show venues.


Hanger Bars

We can furnish either a Wood, PVC or Aluminum Dowel to give you a straight edge across your banner.. Hangers are typically used for trade shows and other indoor applications.

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